Initiative / Ordinance No. __ 2020


WHEREAS, The Committee of the Petitioners, Kenneth Davidson (8015 Monmouth Avenue, Margate City, N.J. 08402), Gregg Lichtenstein (411 N. Exeter Avenue, Margate City, N.J. 08402), Lori Klotz (118N. Barclay Ave. Margate City, N.J. 08402), Robert Bloch (4N. Brunswick Ave. Margate City, N.J. 08402), and David Grossman (308N. Jerome Ave., Margate City, 08402) desire to place an Initiative / Ordinance upon the books and public records of Margate City, N.J. as a means  of ascertaining the sentiment of the voters of Margate City regarding constructing a citywide, non-commercial boardwalk upon Margate City’s public beaches which boardwalk would attach to the Ventnor City boardwalk at Fredericksburg Avenue in Ventnor City, N.J. and extend southward to Coolidge Avenue at Margate City’s border with Longport, N.J. utilizing public funds, bonds, grants and or private endowments for such a boardwalk construction; and

WHEREAS, the intent of this Initiative / Ordinance is to place the question of whether or not to construct a citywide, non-commercial boardwalk, as specifically set forth herein, on a ballot in a NON – BINDING REFERENDUM to determine the sentiment and desire of the voters of Margate City, N.J. regarding such a project, thus giving the City Board of Commissioners direction on this issue; and

WHEREAS, this ballot question and the determination of the voters shall be advisory in nature and non-binding on the Margate Board of Commissioners.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Margate City Board of Commissioners hereby requests that the Atlantic County Clerk place the following question on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election Ballot:

 “Shall the City of Margate City construct a City-wide non-commercial Boardwalk upon its public beach extending from the Ventnor Boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. to Coolidge Ave.  on Longport N.J.’s border, utilizing public funds, bonds, grants, and or private endowments for this purpose.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following interpretive statement concerning the above question be placed on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election Ballot for the City of Margate City:

 “This question if approved by the Voters will provide advice (not authorization)  to the City of Margate Board of Commissioners to construct a non-commercial City-wide Boardwalk upon its public beach extending from the end of Ventnor City’s public Boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. to Coolidge Ave. at Longport, NJ’s border. “


The paperwork to get an INITIATIVE on the ballot in Margate is underway. The City now has our submission and we will move along in the process toward an election sometime this year. The City Atty. will look at our wording and if it’s ok , the City Clerk will then give us the number. of registered voters we will need signatures from to place the wording on the ballot this coming Nov. or earlier in a “special election.” That will be decided by when we get the signatures and turn them back into the City Clerk for validation. Once all this is done it will go to the Commissioners for a first reading. If they reject the InItIative it would then have to go to an election within 40 to 60 days. If adopted by them it would also have to go to a special election or if possible to the next General election in Nov. of this year. One way or another after we get the necessary number of signatures it’s going to be voted on.


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If you’re a Margate voter this is the year you are going to get to vote on whether or not you want a new Boardwalk in Margate !!

The Petitioners Committee for a Boardwalk Initiative

The Petitioners Committee for a Boardwalk Initiative has been organized. They have all signed a petition of nomination to be handed to the City Clerk ASAP. The five petitioners are all Margate City resident voters. ( none of them are members of the Margate Boardwalk Committee Inc.) They will also hand in the wording of the Initiative to the City at the same time. Once all of this has been approved by the City Clerk a legal number of signatures of Margate voters necessary to activate the Initiative will be given to The Petitioners Committee.

The Process

Once the legal number of signatures is gathered and the signatures are certified by the City Clerk the Initiative will be given to the Margate City Board of Commissioners to be read onto the public record at the next scheduled Commission meeting. If it’s going to get the Commission’s stamp of approval it must be read again onto the public record a second time two weeks later, or at the next scheduled Commission meeting. Then it has to be advertised for 20 days. After the 20 days, it becomes law in Margate. Since the wording is going to ask for a non-binding public referendum on the Boardwalk issue be held, one would then be scheduled for within 40 – 60 days from the date it’s approved ( after the 20 day period.) If the Commission rejects the Initiative at the first reading, State law requires a “special election” to be scheduled within 40 – 60 days to allow the voters to approve of the Initiative or not. In other words, once the Initiative reaches the Commissioners there will almost certainly be an election about the Boardwalk one way or another. Maybe even two. But more about that later, for now, let’s take this one election at a time.


A Margate Boardwalk Committee updater: The wording for our Initiative has been handed to the City Clerk today for review. The next step will be to submit the petitions of notification from the five petitioners. Once this is all approved of by the City Clerk & the City Attorney we will begin the process of collecting the specified ( by the City Clerk) number of local voter signatures necessary for the Initiative to be placed before the City Commission in a public meeting.


As 2019 comes to a close the MBC is busy preparing its voter Initiative for the ballot sometime in 2020. We are also in process of updating our Report ( “A Margate BW for the 21st Century” ) & will have a second bigger edition of it ready sometime in Jan. / Feb. 2020. Along with it, we are also developing an updated version of our public Presentation that will be available for the Initiative election campaign in 2020. On top of all of that, we are also busy preparing a detailed answer to the City Administration’s response to the 1st edition of our Report. So, although you might not be hearing as much about us in the media these days it’s not because we’ve gone away or given up, in fact, we are busy working even harder to get a new BW built in Margate in all our lifetimes. Nobody said this was going to be easy.


The Margate Boardwalk Committee petitioned The Board of Commissioners of Margate this summer asking them to hold a Poll of the taxpayers and concurrently or sequentially a referendum of the voters on the question of whether to build a new Citywide Boardwalk in Margate. 614 residents of Margate signed that petition and we gave it to the Commissioners on 8/15 /2019 at the public meeting that day. We never received any formal response as regards its request. We did, however, get an indirect response a few weeks ago from the City Administrator Mr. Richard Deany, when in an article written by Nanette Lobiondo of the online periodical ( The mentioned that the City rejected the idea of a poll or referendum being held at this time. The reason given was that he felt the public didn’t have enough information about the Boardwalk project to make an informed decision. Ironically, this is a week after the City Administrator himself had presented the Commission a 7 page Staff response to our 27-page Report ( “A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century”), , which we had also given to the Board of Commissioners on 8/15. Previous to all of this public information City Eng. Mr. Ed Walberg had also given the city another Report in Aug. 2018 on the possibility of a new Boardwalk being constructed in Margate. In Nanette’s article, I had also been interviewed about the topic of a poll or referendum and said the public already had lots of detailed information from our Committee from the City and endless media stories on this Project and they should at this juncture be polled or surveyed at a min. to see what their opinion is. To say there isn’t enough information out here to conduct a poll or a referendum is in our opinion just an attempt to make this issue go away without allowing the residents of Margate to have any say about it. We are not going to not allow this to happen.

Developing the INITIATIVE

To that end, the Margate Boardwalk Committee and an associated group of 5 Petitioners ( required by law) has decided to use NJ State law regarding Referendums and Initiatives for Commission cites and towns like Margate. We are in the process of developing an Initiative ( Ordinance), to be presented to the Margate Commission ASAP. If they adopt it Margate’s voters and possibly the taxpayers will get the opportunity to vote or be polled on this issue. If the Commission however rejects the Initiative the voters will still get to vote to adopt it in a “special election” to be held within 40 – 60 days after its rejected. In other words, once we have the needed number of signatures on our new petition that are required to present it to the Commission there will be some kind of vote put to the registered voters on the Boardwalk issue. For more information about the MARGATE BOARDWALK INITIATIVE please contact us @