The Poll the Margate Boardwalk Committee is recommending be held would include all of Margate’s residents registered voters as well as non-voting taxpayers. We have also recommended that it be a THIRD PARTY poll. A third party poll is one conducted by an Independent certified polling group, agency or Institute. Many exist. The City of Margate would sponsor it but wouldn’t write the actual questions, nor tabulate the results. It would probably be done by mail and com…See More

The Margate BoardwalkWalk Committee Puts it’s Public Petition and Our Report ON The RECORD !!

On Aug. 15th The Margate BW Committee attended the Margate Commission meeting as a group and placed its Public petition with its 613 signatures on the Record. We also placed our Report ” A MargateBoardwalk for the 21st Century” on the Record as well. The meeting was very well attended with an overflow crowd spilling into the hallways.


The Margate Boardwalk Committee will be appearing @ the Aug 15th Margate City Commission Meeting at The Old City Hall Commission Chambers on Washington & Ventnor Ave. starting at 4 pm. We will be placing our report “A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century” on the public record . We will also be placing our Public Petition with over 600 signatures on the record as well. Hope to see you there. Sitting is limited so get there early.