Not sure when this picture is from? If I had to guess, I’d say It’s most likely from the 1930’s by the look of the women’s bathing suits. Anyway, you’ll notice they are running barefooted not a great idea back when all BWs had yellow pine decks. Those old decks splintered easily and wore out in 5-10 yrs. Even today Ocean City and Wildwood still have these old-style BW decks. Margate probably won’t use pine when the day comes to choose decking. The MBC endorses Black Locust instead of Pine or Ipe wood.


On August 19th The Margate Boardwalk Committee wrote the Margate City Commission asking for a response to our presentation and submissions we gave the previous Thurs. Aug 15th at the City Commission meeting. We received a written response on Aug. 26th. The response was from the City Administrator Mr. Deany. It basically said that the City Administration would read our Report and get back to us. It did not, however, mention the Petition with its over 600 signatures. It’s fair to assume that since the Petition is essentially a political document that the City Administrator was not authorized to respond to it. Hopefully, the Commission itself eventually will. I’m sure they realize in any event whether they do or don’t, this will not end the matter. It’s our Committee’s belief and it’s policy that for the moment ONLY the people of Margate can settle this issue one way or another. We will, therefore, continue to act and to move toward that day.  

The Margate Boardwalk Committee.